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Edwina Bartholomew Meets Qnary CEO Andrew Davie

Andrew Davie is the CEO and Founding Partner of Qnary Australia. Here he talks to Edwina Bartholomew about how Qnary helps executives and brands alike to thrive.

With a 20-year background in advertising, brand management and strategy, Andrew Davie is perfectly positioned to help showcase his knowledge and expertise within any company to a greater audience.

Qnary’s technology helps businesses and professionals increase their digital presence and grow their reputation within their industry – boosting the success of both.

So is he a game changer? Edwina Bartholomew finds out. Watch the video above and read our Q&A with Andrew Davie below.

It’s a very quirky name. Tell me, in a nutshell, what is Qnary?

Qnary is an executive online reputation growth solution and strategic service that helps make it easy for executives and brands to not only take control of their online presence but to build thought leadership and influence around key topics and initiatives they want to be known for.

Why is it so relevant for businesses?

In today’s modern digital world, people want to connect with other people in an authentic manner and brand reputation is intrinsically linked to the key stakeholders, leaders and employees who represent it. 

Qnary champions the idea that every person has a digital media footprint and that digital footprint can greatly impact the overall success of a business. This has been proven true by organisations time and time again and supported by research studies.

When a company galvanises their executives in this way, to drive thought leadership and expertise through their executives, that company experiences greater success in terms of greater interest in the business, sales, brand engagement and talent retention and recruitment. 

Edwina Bartholomew and Andrew Davie, CEO Qnary Australia
Edwina Bartholomew and Andrew Davie, CEO Qnary Australia

What are the main issues facing companies?

The biggest issue facing CEO’s today is building better trust in their business, improving culture, employee advocacy, retaining and acquiring industry best talent. 

When companies drive thought leadership and expertise through their executives and employees, there is a halo effect to the overall business in terms of, brand engagement, employee advocacy and talent retention and recruitment…and ultimately reputation and trust.

Andrew Davie, CEO Qnary Australia
Andrew Davie, CEO Qnary Australia

What are the key benefits?

Shifting brand and company perception by showcasing the company as an innovative solution or product through the key leaders.

Influencing talent recruitment and retention – attracting the best talent by showcasing the top executives as industry thought leaders and influencers

Driving business development – people want to follow other people and the trend towards people following the key stakeholders and executives of a company rather than the company’s social profile helps with business development. 

Empowering employee advocacy across businesses.

Building better trust across organisations through thought leadership

 How are your clients using Qnary? 

The main challenge for clients regarding thought leadership and social is that they get the need, but they don’t have the time to do this. It takes expertise to optimise content for different platforms. We have built a technology solution and strategic service that not only helps executives deliver a positive and consistent online presence but also makes it super easy for them to build thought leadership and influence around key topics they want to be known for that ladder up to what’s strategically important for the business. 

It’s designed to be easy and intuitive to use, so clients don’t have to be digitally savvy to connect and engage with the content we provide. 

We rebuild and optimise social channels for them and we create, schedule and publish all content both original as well as industry articles that fits with a pre-agreed content strategy. And our growth team builds meaningful connections with other professionals of interest on behalf our clients. Lastly, we continually review the data and analytics around our clients’ social media engagement and track key KPI’s on a weekly basis. 

 So what types of businesses are involved with Qnary?

We partner with clients of all shapes and sizes. We’re working with owner operators, leaders of small business, individual CEO’s or senior executives, HR and culture functions within larger corporates or across wider leadership teams in corporates.

We work with companies across Finance, Media, Advertising, Insurance, Not for Profits, CPG, Marketing, Retail, Software and Systems, Leadership Coaching….it’s very category agnostic.

About ‘Qnary Australia’

Qnary Australia is a Workforce Advocacy Technology and Solutions Platform/app.

The Qnary Platform is a rules-based engine and strategic service that optimises a professional’s social media, monitors a professional’s search results, facilitates and manages the creation, curation and approval of a professional’s content, and monitors and measures a professional’s digital media footprint. 

Qnary is a global business with offices in New York City, Barcelona, Sydney, Singapore, and Tokyo. It delivers solutions in many languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, French, Italian, and German.


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Edwina Bartholomew is an Australian journalist and television presenter. At Network Seven's breakfast show 'Sunrise', Edwina has covered everything from the Olympics, Royal Weddings to the Oscars. Now, as the host of Game Changers, she interviews inspirational people in business and entrepreneurs.

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