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From Health Disruptors To CIOs: What Makes A Game Changer?

From spreading healthy treats to Australians, tech giants empowering women in STEM and creating life-changing weight loss solutions, our Game Changers have by no means had a straight path to success. In fact, it’s been a long and arduous climb to the summit with plenty of bumps and twists and turns on the way. But what does it take to get there? What makes a Game Changer?

Let’s hear what our new Game Changers have to say.

Debbie Taylor, CIO of NBN Co

Debbie Taylor, NBN Co CIO, talks to Game Changer host Melissa Doyle
TV Presenter Melissa Doyle talks to NBN Co CIO Debbie Taylor

Thriving and striving in a leadership role in one of the more male-dominated industries, Debbie Taylor is using her experience and position to help empower women’s career in STEM through programs and gender diversity networks that will open doors for women’s career developments. Debbie claims that gender disparity in the workplace remains an issue in terms of opportunities, pay and roles, but implores women to keep backing themselves and speaking up whenever they can. Debbie Taylor is definitely passionate about changing the biases that exist.

Find out more about NBN Co here:

Cassandra Spies, CEO of Twisted Healthy Treats

Cassandra Spies, Twisted Healthy Treats
TV Presenter Melissa Doyle talks to Cassandra Spies, CEO and Founder of Twisted Healthy Treats

If only we could eat ice cream without the feelings of guilt. Well, now you can thanks to Cassandra Spies’ quest to find a healthy alternative to some of our favourite treats. With her company Twisted Healthy Treats, not only do you get that same amazing taste, but you get all the health benefits from Australia’s own diary and fresh fruit products.

Find out more about Twisted Healthy Treats:

Kate Save, CEO of Be Fit Food

Kate Save, Be Fit Food, is interviewed by Game Changers host Melissa Doyle
Melissa Doyle talks to Be Fit Food Founder Kate Save

From giving lectures about healthy eating, exercise and nutrition in general to now implementing tangible solutions to safe weight loss, Kate Save is putting the science back into nutrition with Be Fit Food. By providing healthy, pre-made meals packed with nutrients and protein, clients can experience incredibly rapid results thanks to the state of ketosis that the low caloric intake puts your body into. Be Fit Food CEO and co-Founder Kate Save is passionate about helping thousands to kick-start their weight loss journey as well as reaching optimal health via nutrition.

Find out more about Be Fit Food here:

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