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Game Changers: Australian CEO Maria Halasz Is Living Proof Of Miracle Cure

When bio-tech boss Maria Halasz says she’s found a miracle cure for hair loss in men and women with a product called Évolis, she’s speaking from first-hand experience.

Maria tells TV host Sarah Harris in the latest series of Game Changers, The Carousel’s hit video and podcast series showcasing inspiring Australians, that she began losing her hair at 40.

“Over the subsequent couple of years, I lost so much hair that I’d wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and I could see my scalp, so it was rather distressing,” says Maria.

“The emotional impact was devastating. I went from being someone who didn’t really worry about their looks too much, to someone who was obsessed about hair.”

The turning point came when she visited Japan on a buying trip for her bio-tech company Cellmid.

Maria discovered that scientists there had isolated a protein called FGF5, which is the ‘master controller’ of the hair’s natural cycle of growth-transition-rest (falling out).

She calls it the biggest breakthrough in topical hair-loss treatments in 30 years, and was so impressed with the results she bought the company.

“Évolis works for everyone who has growing follicles,” assures Maria, whose once-thinning locks have bounced back at a record rate.

“And so, I always say there is no reason to use any other product than our shampoo. Our products have FGF5 inhibitors in them which actually give you the best hair that you can genetically have.”

Maria also tells Sarah that she’s encouraged by the anecdotal evidence that suggests Évolis, which is available in both shampoo and tonic forms, is helping cancer survivors.

“It’s important to us as a biotechnology company that we do not make claims unless we can conduct proper clinical studies,” Maria emphasises to Sarah.

“However, because we saw that it helped some of the cancer patients we do offer six months’ product for free to those who have gone through chemotherapy and lost their hair.”

Meanwhile, Maria says she continues to be overwhelmed by the feedback from both male and female customers who have also experienced the life-changing benefits of Évolis since its launch in Australia in 2015.

“Some of them are absolutely elated that after years of trying they found something that actually works.

“They come to us and say, ‘you changed our lives’, and that makes me pretty excited.”

Written by The Carousel

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