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Game Changers: Be Fit Food CEO Kate Save On Disrupting Australia’s Health Industry

Kate Save is a respected Accredited Practicing Dietitian, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, a Diabetes Educator and today the CEO of Be Fit Food. With over 17 years of experience, Kate is using science and technology to disrupt the Australian health industry by providing Australians with safe, rapid weight-loss solutions.

As well as running her business, Kate lectures in the fields of Nutrition and Exercise Science where she mainly focuses on issues such as weight loss, diabetes, heart disease, Bariatric surgery nutrition, coeliac disease, eating disorders, food intolerances and irritable bowel conditions. With Be Fit Food, she’s helping people reach their optimal health and well-being via nutrition.

Kate Save, Game Changers
Kate Save, CEO Be Fit Food

Six years ago, Kate and her fellow co-founder Dr. Geoffery Draper and the team of dieticians at Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition made Be Fit Food a reality. It’s suitable for anyone trying to kick-start their weight loss journey, reduce blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, reduce fatty liver, and for the obese and pre-surgical patients.

With the use of evidence-based research Be Fit Food provides consumers with healthy, whole-food and home-delivered meals. And it’s been a sure-fire hit, especially since Kate appeared on the Ch10 show Shark Tank, which was when Boost Juice boss Janine Allis became her mentor.

Kate save, janine allis
Kate Save, CEO Be Fit Food alongside Janine Allis

Since then, Be Fit Food has gone from selling between 1000 to 1500 meals a week to a staggering 30,000 meals a week. In just four years, they have become a multi-million dollar business thanks to annual growth of 553% and a quality product that achieves safe, rapid weight-loss results.

How does it work?

Be Fit Food provides clients with guidelines for what they eat and how much exercise they need to achieve their goals. Since many people don’t have the time or motivation to prep their meals, every meal is chosen by you, delivered to you and is made from high-quality Australian ingredients that are nutrient-dense, and packed with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Based on the Mediterranean diet, the meals contain no added sugar, are high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Kate says that a lot of the struggle with losing weight comes from our pleasure centres being stimulated by high sugar and high salt content in our food. What Be Fit Food does with their meals is try to “take it away (sugar and salt) or dull it down so that people seek pleasure out of friendships, family, hobbies, sunshine, whatever it is that they like…”

Each program is portion-controlled depending on what the individual is hoping to achieve whether it be two to four kilograms of weight loss per week on 800-900 calories or half to two kilograms of weight loss per week on 1000-1500 calories. Results from these programs have been more than impressive, with clients averaging two to 10 kilograms of weight loss over a short period of two weeks.

Kate Save, Game Changers
Melissa Doyle and Kate Save, CEO of Be Fit Food

By eating a controlled amount of calories per day, the program puts your body into a state of mild nutritional ketosis which burns your fat storage rather than carbohydrates. Leave the planning and the cooking to Be Fit Food and enjoy the great-tasting weight loss meals right at your door with the added benefits of more energy throughout the day and better quality sleep. “Going on Shark Tank was really about getting a mentor that could help us commercialise our idea, we want to have an impact on Australia but we need to make it sustainable and turn it into something that can change more lives.”

You can visit for more information on how to get started!

Written by Emeric Brard

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