Game Changers: Edwina Bartholomew Interviews PGA Advisory CEO Michael Mancuso

From humble beginnings in a shed to CBD Melbourne in what is now one of the fastest-growing small finance business in Australia, Michael Mancuso’s company PGA Advisory helps people to achieve long-term financial security and growth. 

From investment strategies, debt reduction to retirement planning, PGA Advisory takes a ‘thoughtful approach to wealth cultivation’.

Raised in a middle-class family in Melbourne that moved houses 16 times, Michael Mancuso grew up around and frequented people from all walks of life and in doing so helped him realise the importance of financial security.

In what was originally a business that provided advice on the buying and selling of investment property; PGA Advisory is now in its 4th year creating wealth cultivation strategies for the every day Australians.

What makes them stand out? Michael disregards hidden agendas in an industry that is riddled with scepticism due to risk, and instead prioritises transparency.

Michael Mancuso, PGA Advisory, Game Changers, Advice
PGA Advisory CEO, Michael Mancuso. Photo credit: Cliff Kent

Risk is half of our consultation …having us there to support people through risk or downturns in the market is really important” says Michael Mancuso, CEO of PGA Advisory 

Michael and his team have built a highly successful business from scratch by providing a strong service aimed at customers’ individual needs rather than a ‘one shoe fits all strategy’ in what he proudly describes as a ‘non-pressure environment’. 

Michael Mancuso, Bridie, game changers
PGA Advisory CEO, Michael Mancuso with his wife Bridie. Photo credit: Cliff Kent

When he’s not at the office, Michael enjoys spending time on his farm with his wife, Bridie and their Doberman and Italian greyhound. Fine Art is one of his passions, and Michael has even dubbed his collection, which he began in his teens, ‘Micky’s Art’. He now represents artists from across Australia and internationally via his Instagram account and exhibitions.

About PGA Advisory

Led by Managing Directors Michael Mancuso and Sam Adams, PGA Advisory provides an exceptionally high level of service across property investment and financial planning. With a focus on guiding clients to achieve long term security and growth, PGA Advisory helps their clients develop financial plans tailored to their situations during a process that includes a financial health check to then focus on a variety of areas such as debt reduction, tax minimisation, investment strategies, and retirement plans. 

Michael Mancuso, Game Changers
PGA Advisory CEO, Michael Mancuso with fellow Game Changers Erin Sing and Michelle Palmer. Photo credit: Cliff Kent

In combining a modern approach with an experienced team, PGA continues to pave their own path in the finance and investment sectors.

You can visit the PGA Advisory website here. And don’t forget to check out his art collection via his website and Instagram page.

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