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Our Game Changers Tell Us The Advice They’d Give Their 20-Year Old Selves

Imagine you could rewind time to chat with your 20-year old self. What would you say? Looking back to our youthful, inexperienced days, it’s clear that we could have made good use of the knowledge we possess today.

Our three Game Changers take a trip down memory lane and tell us the advice they’d give their younger selves.

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Cassandra Spies, CEO of Twisted Healthy Treats

Cassandra Spies, advice, Game Changers
Cassandra Spies is a mum and an entrepreneur and her company Twisted Healthy Treats is about to go global

Cassandra Spies is a remarkable woman but for all her achievements she is still incredibly humble. Since first spotting that there is a gap in the Australian market for healthy desserts, Cassandra is now selling in 1,800 stores across Australia. Her delicious and healthy yoghurts are also being sold at 80 per cent of school canteens. And if that is not enough, she is about to launch her products in the US. Using only the best Australian-made dairy products and fresh fruit, Twisted Healthy Treats is set to revolutionise the sweet tooth.

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Kate Save, CEO and Co-founder of Be Fit Body

Kate Save, Be Fit Food, Advice

Kate Save is a passionate advocate of health and nutrition. She is also well versed in the subject and is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Diabetes Educator. Glowing with good health herself, Kate regularly lectures on weight loss, eating disorders and diabetes among other issues. Today, as CEO and co-founder of Be Fit Food, she’s helping individuals reach optimal health and well-being by cutting calories via pre-made meal plans that still contain all the nutrients you need to rapidly lose weight safely. Incredibly, Be Fit Food is selling 35,000 meals per week.

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Debbie Taylor, CIO of NBN Co

Debbie Taylor, Game Changers
Debbie Taylor, NBN Co’s CIO, is a trailblazer in the male-dominated world of technology.

As Chief Information Officer of tech giants, NBN Co, Debbie Taylor is a leader in her industry and a brilliant role model to women who aspire to a successful career in STEM. Apart from her busy job, Debbie takes time to support tailored programs to help empower women in STEM. By changing girls’ perspectives from a young age, Debbie believes that more and more women can enter this male-dominated industry without the fear of not fitting in. She lives by her mantra to be fearless and is passionate about gender diversity as is her company, NBN Co.

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Written by Emeric Brard

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