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Edwina Bartholomew Interviews Afterpay Co-founder Nick Molnar

Choosing Afterpay at the checkout means users can shop for their goods today, receive them as normal but split the cost over four equal fortnightly payments. They pay no more than they would by handing over the cash immediately.  Talking Game Changers with Channel Seven’s Edwina Bartholomew, Nick Molnar explains the business and budgeting sense behind the award-winning FinTech company he co-founded – and why the ‘Shop now. Take now. Pay it in 4.’ movement is all about responsible spending.

Louise Troen from Bumble: The Social Network Putting The Control In Women’s Hands – Every Time

Bumble began life as the dating app where women make the first move. In the digital dating game, this simple mechanic reverse-engineered the traditional approach, giving gals the opportunity to lead the tone of the conversation from the start — putting them in control.

Fertile Mind Founder Christine Kinninmonth

A hand-sewn prototype for Christine Kininmonth’s first ever invention, BellyBelt®, came from her Earth-friendly mantra of Refuse, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. The buttons and buttonholes sewn into elastic allowed the former TV Newsreader to repurpose her normal work clothes into maternity wear for her first pregnancy. Three more children, and more brands later, and the venture she co-founded with business partner Peter Hooker, Fertile Mind, is an award-winning success story, with products sold in 25 countries including leading maternity chains in the US and United Kingdom.

Andy Ridley – founder of Citizens of The Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a barometer for the wellbeing of the whole planet and it’s already bearing the burden of climate change. But the common purpose of one rapidly-growing group: Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, is to focus on the future of this natural wonder and make sure the world isn’t giving up on its future.

Little Miracles Early Learning Centre Founders Tell How It All Started With A Dyslexia Diagnosis

How do you teach a toddler to read? Meet Susanna and Rob Bateman, the couple achieving award-winning success by making it fun.  Discovering their eldest son suffered from learning difficulties 35 years ago, set Susanna and Rob on the journey to get help. The reality was that all four of their children had some form of dyslexia and Susanna had lived with the condition, undiagnosed, her entire life. Fast-forward to 2004 and this family issue resulted in a family-owned and run solution!  Susanna and Rob launched Little Miracles Early Learning Centres and now all four siblings are also involved, focusing on giving toddlers a flying start to school.

Sarah Harris Talks To Novelist Di Morrissey About Her New Career

Australia’s most-loved storyteller is about to add TV and Movie Producer to her list of achievements – but Di Morrissey’s not putting down her pen yet.  With over 3-million books sold, self-confessed write-aholic, Di Morrissey recently released her 25th novel ‘The Red Coast’.  As a girl, Di always dreamt of being a novelist but it only became reality in her late 30s. In our most recent Game Changers interview with Channel 10’s Sarah Harris, the glamorous author tells how it hasn’t always been smooth-going.

Monica Meldrum’s Organic Food Company, Changing The World One Kids’ Snack At A Time

When Qantas invites you to pitch your organic snacks for their littlest business class flyers, well it’s clear you’ve got a delicious hit on your hands.   James and Monica Meldrum, husband and wife founders of organic food company Whole Kids, have always had confidence in their brand, even using their home deposit to set up the business in 2005. In her Game Changers interview with Channel Ten’s Sarah Harris, Monica reflects on how launching Australia’s largest range of certified organic, free from artificial additives and allergen-friendly (also extremely yummy) kids’ snacks doesn’t just reflect the Spirit of Australia, it was inspired by personal experience.

Sarah Harris Interviews Elaine Pearson, Australian Director Human Rights Watch

Meet the woman generating action to prevent abuse of the human rights which most of us take for granted.  Elaine Pearson has spent her career defending human rights around the world.  In this Game Changers interview she tells Channel Ten’s Sarah Harris what inspired her on leaving university. “I saw injustice and felt something really needed to be done.  I wanted a career that was meaningful and that brought me into contact with people who needed someone to stand up for their rights”.

Paykel Media, The Evolving Company Keeping Pace With The Ever-Changing Digital World

It’s every business’ best friend: an authentic media company that’s stood the test of time providing multi-media communication and marketing strategies which work. Tony Paykel, Caroline Doran and the team at Paykel Media are that company.  Paykel Media General Manager, Caroline Doran is proud of the company’s accomplishments. In this Game Changers interview with Channel Ten’s Sarah Harris, she puts the success of the company down to “the number of years we’ve been in operation” (nearly 20) and having the owner still heavily involved in the organisation.

Mountain Designs CEO Caroline Machado Campos Talks About US Expansion

For the last 40 years Mountain Designs has helped Australians get the most out of life’s many adventures, from long haul flights to London to scaling the world’s tallest peaks Now, it’s time for the family-owned company to share its passion for cutting-edge outdoor clothing and accessories with the rest of the world, CEO Caroline Machado Campos tells Game Changers host Sarah Harris.

Meet The Chef Making Weight-Loss Easy

Former private chef Edit Whitelaw had battled unsuccessfully to keep her weight in check for more than 30 years. The 157cm self-confessed sugar addict had tried everything in that time, from diet pills to the protein-fuelled Atkins diet, all to no avail. The turning point finally came last year after reading about the remarkable body transformation of Silicon Valley multimillionaire Dave Asprey in his best-selling book The Bulletproof Diet. She is now the co-founder of Essentially Keto – the health bar – that’s selling like hot cakes. Here’s why.s.

The Motor Industry Disruptor Putting You In The Driving Seat

Combining her extensive business-building skills with her husband’s mechanical prowess has enabled Janelle and Elvio Gonzalez to revolutionise Australia’s automotive repair industry. The passionate car enthusiasts are the brains behind Blue Toro, a franchise of mobile mechanics with a pledge to end the rorts and rip-offs that are endemic in the trade. Janelle, who also writes a popular motoring column for The Carousel tells host Sarah Harris in the latest series of Game Changers that the response since launching the business in July 2013 has been phenomenal. In fact, Blue Toro is the fastest growing franchise business in Australia. Now that’s revving it up!

The Big-Dreaming Mum Saving One Skin At A Time

She started out in the family garage with just one brand, a stack of boxes, and little more than big dreams and loads of passion to fuel her fledging skincare business. Now, just a few enlightening years later, Maria Enna-Cocciolone is set to take on the world with O Cosmedics, one of Australia’s leading professional clinic-only skin care brands. Here she tells Game Changers host Sarah Harris her incredible story.

Red Balloon’s Naomi Simson Tells Sarah Harris What Really Makes Her Tick

Award-winning entrepreneur and Red Balloon CEO Naomi Simson always drew motivation from a slew of inspiring role models growing up, her mother included. Here the Red Shark talks to fellow Shark Tank presenter Sarah Harris about what motivates her.

Game Changers With Sarah Harris: Isentia CIO Andrea Walsh On Smashing The Glass Ceiling

When Andrea Walsh first made it to the top of the tech world in Australia, she didn’t see herself as a role model for other women wanting to follow in her footsteps.

Game Changers: Why Peter Scutt Decided To Revolutionise Home Care And Support

Peter Scutt didn’t need to look far for inspiration when it came to developing his revolutionary new online marketplace for home care.

Game Changers With Sarah Harris: Australia’s First Mature Age Talent Agency Takes Off

PR and integrated marketing expert Georgia Branch and model Brigitte Warne knew they’d struck a chord with Australia’s first talent agency for the 30-plus before they’d even opened the doors.

Game Changers With Sarah Harris: Meet The Man Who Changed Online Shopping

It didn’t take long for Carl Jackson and his brother Jamie to know they were on to something big when they launched members-only retailer Oz Sale in 2007.

Game Changers: How Jody Allen Went From Redundancy To Suburban Super Hero

Stay At Home Mum founder Jody Allen admits that her phenomenally successful site was a happy accident, rather than the result of a calculated master plan.

Game Changers: Sarah Harris Meets Aged Care Expert Dana Sawyer

Sarah Harris interviews Aged Care Expert Dana Sawyer about her company and its hands-on personalised aged care service.

Game Changers: Australian CEO Maria Halasz Is Living Proof Of Miracle Cure

Maria tells TV host Sarah Harris in the latest series of Game Changers that she began losing her hair at 40 and how she’s found a miracle cure for hair loss in men and women with a product called Évolis.

Game Changers: Humble Sparky Shares Simple Secret To Incredible Riches

For those stuck in a financial rut, Ian Marsh created The Streetsmart Business School, one of Australia’s most successful program for creating millionaires.

Ellyse Perry – international sports star

In her podcast, cricket and soccer international Ellyse Perry opens up about what’s behind the surge of interest in women’s sport, the disparity in pay with her male counterparts, and her message for youngsters hoping to follow in her footsteps. To listen to the full interview just click on the play button below.

Gai Williams – pharmacist and author

International author and leading pharmacist Gai Williams believes too many colleagues in the medical profession are misinforming distraught Aussie mums desperate for help.The co-founder of miracle herbal cure Wilby’s Wind & Colic Mix says doctors need to listen closer to those at their wits end over their baby’s crying – and consider that infantile colic could be the root of the problem.To learn more about Gai’s inspiring message of hope for mums all over Australia, click on the play button below.

Dr Karen Phillip

In her inspiring podcast below, Dr Karen Phillip opens up to host Sarah Harris about how hypnotherapy helped her make a miraculous recovery from a medical emergency.Dr Phillip, who has also recently launched a virtual hypnotherapy service to help with everything from weight-loss to quitting smoking, says we all have an amazing innate ability to manage ourselves.Using the virtual platform enables people everywhere to use the beneficial therapeutic sessions to heal, recover and become empowered again.

Jo Munro – The Savvy Shopaholic

When it comes to spotting shopping bargains, no one knows how to get more bang for your buck than our own resident Savvy Shopaholic.The Carousel readers have been cashing in on the columnist’s every deal-saving word for months, and Jo is also the go-to expert for a slew of national TV and radio shows.Find out more, and all the insider details about her exciting new jewellery line, in the podcast below.

Episode 4: Scott Pendlebury

When Scott Pendlebury discovered a gap in the market for selling building fixtures online, he knew his days wearing a suit and tie were finally over.

Episode 3: Karin Adcock

This episode features the inspiring Karin Adcock, founder and CEO of House of Brands, who also owned the Australian sector of jewellery giant PANDORA for eight years.

Episode 2: Sharon Williams

When it comes to branding and marketing, Sarah Harris discovers Sharon Williams to be an inspiring Game Changer in every sense of the term. From humble beginnings in her Sydney living room 21 years ago, London-born Sharon has grown Taurus Marketing into a pioneering powerhouse revered for its practical ‘No Bull’ approach.

Episode 1: Kendall Seddon

Six years ago Kendall Seddon and her beloved mum Laurie created their family business to give children and our planet a better chance for a brighter future.

Chris Bath Podcast With Jewellery Designer Jan Logan

Imagine going from a salary of $1,000 a year (a YEAR people!) to running your own international jewellery business frequented by Hollywood A-Listers Pink, Taylor Swift, Rose Byrne, J-Lo and Naomi Watts. Sound unlikely? Jan Logan did it – and this “little girl from the country” didn’t even open her current shop until she was in her 50s.

Chris Bath Podcast With WINK Model Boss Taryn Williams

With two successful careers under her belt before she reached the age of 30, former model and WINK Model Agency’s Founder, Taryn Williams tells TV presenter Chris Bath how she is now taking on the modelling and talent industry with an online start-up giving models and clients full control over their next job or casting. Basically she’s cutting out the ‘middleman’ – and it’s likely to create waves amongst other agencies across Australia.

Chris Bath Podcast With TV Chef Lyndey Milan

A sparkling sense of fun, a love of good food and wine, a thirst for getting the most out of life and internationally acclaimed at being at the top of her game – this all sounds like someone who’s never had a care in the world right? Wrong. TV chef and entrepreneur Lyndey Milan is inspirational on many fronts but particularly in the way she handles not just her successes, but also the way she’s dealt with life’s knocks.

Chris Bath Podcast With London Bombing Survivor Gill Hicks

She carries no bitterness or hatred regarding the events which changed her life 11 years ago but peace advocate Gill Hicks admits her anger grows every year.

Chris Bath Podcast With Australian Ballerina Robyn Hendricks

As principal artist of The Australian Ballet, Robyn Hendricks brings the world’s classic fairytales to life with a grace and presence few dancers can match.