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Paykel Media, The Evolving Company Keeping Pace With The Ever-Changing Digital World

It’s every business’ best friend: an authentic media company that’s stood the test of time providing multi-media communication and marketing strategies which work. Tony Paykel, Caroline Doran and the team at Paykel Media are that company.  

Paykel Media General Manager, Caroline Doran is proud of the company’s accomplishments. In this Game Changers interview with Channel Ten’s Sarah Harris, she puts the success of the company down to “the number of years we’ve been in operation” (nearly 20) and having the owner still heavily involved in the organisation.

 “Our mission is to help our clients navigate this increasingly complex world of communications with smart media solutions”.

 Owner and founder Tony Paykel adds their “authenticity” is key, and reflects on the staff they attract and the client base too.

That client base includes some of Australia’s best known brands. “We attract a client who is probably a family business and possibly privately run. Not necessarily small in turnover or sales, but ones that really value our input and support when it comes to marketing and advertising advice”.

And they’re loyal too. “We have clients who’ve been with us since 2002, and when they move job or position, they rehire us in  their new role”. Clearly, the Paykel reputation is paying off, with the company’s billings growing year-on-year since opening their doors.

On how Paykel has evolved in the fast-changing media landscape over the almost two decades since they launched, Caroline tells Sarah “We have changed our offering according to our client requirements, their audience’s changing media habits and the ever evolving online world”.

As an independent company with offices in three states, Paykel is able to remain flexible and innovative in a changing digital landscape. “We invest as a business in understanding consumer changes” explains Caroline. “It’s part of our job, and I think we do it pretty well”. Tony reflects “A lot of our clients rely on us now to actually teach them, and that’s a great thing”.

However, it’s not about dictating what the client should do, but about working in collaboration. “It’s a partnership” Caroline is keen to point out – “we’re working with their media dollars, its financial transactions and we want to make sure we use that money wisely”.

While the global advertising industry is male-dominated, Paykel has a refreshing view on this as well.  Not only is the female/male ratio high, so is the staff allegiance. “I think the environment we create is very important. We have lots of working mothers so lots of flexibility. That can be part days, half days, days off. We certainly work a full week, but we don’t work extra-long hours which is another attractive thing” Caroline says without a hint of apology, “No-one’s there much after five – that is, if they haven’t left earlier!”.

As a testament to this being a Game Changing company, Caroline makes a revealing comment about her boss “He empowers women”.

Music to our ears.

Written by Presenter

Sarah Harris has been our resident presenter of Game Changers since it first began in 2016. She is also a mum of two, journalist and host of Network Ten’s news-based panel show, ‘Studio 10’ and 'Shark Tank'.
Sarah has spent more than a decade on the road as a reporter, covering some of the biggest stories around the world.
Before moving to Network 10, she worked for more than a decade at Channel Nine as the network’s go to reporter: delivering extended live coverage from Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires, the Christchurch earthquake and Queensland’s devastating floods in 2011.

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