Red Balloon’s Naomi Simson Tells Sarah Harris What Really Makes Her Tick

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From entrepreneurs to sporting heroes, we are delighted to share with you some of the highlights from our interviews with Australia’s Game Changers. Below is a transcript of some of the inspirational quotes from those interviewed by our host Sarah Harris.

Sarah Harris says:  You’re a mentor, an investor, one of the stars of Shark Tank.

Naomi Simson, CEO Red Balloon, says: Ooh.. a star.

Sarah Harris: You are a television star.

Naomi Simson Reveals To Sarah Harris Her True Motivation
Game Changers: Naomi Simson Reveals To Sarah Harris Her True Motivation

Naomi Simson: You say that and it just doesn’t occur to me like that.

Sarah Harris Is it weird?

Naomi Simson: It is weird, it’s really weird, because that’s not how I view myself.

Actually my 30s were just a blur, they were just a complete blur. I was putting one foot in front of the other and sometimes things worked out and sometimes they didn’t.

Long answer. (LAUGHS) Sorry.

sarah harris and carl jackson
Sarah Harris and Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson, CEO, OzSale: Well, thank you for shopping with Oz Sale, that’s a very, very important start. (laughs)

Sarah Harris: How do you stay on top of the tech stuff? Well there’s 100 people in our technology team that’s the first thing. (LAUGHS) We’ve got some super-smart people.

Edit Whitelaw, co founder, Essentially Keto: I starfted making them (Essentially Keto bars) myself and, of course, being a chef they had to be tasty.

Dana Sawyer, CEO MyCarePath (formerly Aged Millenium Care) Consultants, says; The decision you make at each step has implications moving forward.

Peter Scutt, CEO, Better Caring: Clients that are using Better Caring are getting 22 hours or more of that same care with the worker earning more.

Jo Munro, Savvy Shopaholic: I’ve had people that I’ve helped that’ve saved a few thousand dollars a month – that changed their life!

Jody Allen, Founder, Stay At Home Mum: I was pretty shattered. You know, I chucked a tanty.. cried.. (SARAH LAUGHING).. drank wine. All those sorts of things.

Maria Enna Cocciolone, CEO, O Cosmedics: And so it’s often the movement in the skin.

Sarah Harris: Botox in a jar!

Maria Enna Cocciolone: Botox in a jar. Exactly.

Sarah: Wow!

Sarah Harris talking to Maria Halasz, CEO, Évolis,: SEX! (LAUGHTER) you said sex.. sex was suggested….

Sarah Harris says: What are you most excited about?

Andrea Walsh, CTO, Isentia: There is so much I think that is what is exciting.

Janelle Gonzalez, CEO, Blue Toro: We’ve grown by 50 per cent in the past four months and we’ll double our fleet this year ..

Caroline Machado Campos, CEO, Mountain Designs:  We’ve provided products for some world-first expeditions and that gives us a lot of authenticity.

Ellyse Perry, sporting hero: The teams that I play in feel that it’s up to us to really inspire young girls to take up sport. (hard out)

Sarah Harris: So say yes, stick it out and back yourself? (LAUGHS)

Elyse Perry: Yeah, you said it much more eloquently than me. (LAUGHS)

Sarah Harris : Not at all. Ellyse Perry you are a joy!

Written by Robyn Foyster

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