What Advice Would You Give To Your 20 Year Old Self ?

At 20 years old we feel like we’re on top of the world but we also know very little. We feel confident yet struggle to back ourselves. If only we knew then what we know now.

Here, seven entrepreneurs step into their own personal time machines; rewinding to when they were 20 years old. What advice would they give themselves?

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Jonathan Despinidic, Sipora Founder

From being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, and being given a short life expectancy at a young age, Jonathan Despinidic has used his own boyhood adversities as motivation to help others save their money and subsequently spend guilt-free.

SIPORA is the app-antidote to credit card or Buy Now – Pay Later debt.

What advice would he give?

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Michael Mancuso, PGA Advisory CEO

From starting small and minding his own money, to now operating in CBD Melbourne; Michael Mancuso and the PGA team are here to help you achieve financial freedom.

They’re dedicated to helping everyday Australians navigate their way to a healthier financial future – and it all starts with communication.

What advice would he give?

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Michael Mancuso, PGA Advisory, Game Changers, Advice

Anne McKevitt, MDPC Global Founder

From teen-age run-away to globally recognized business leader. A best-selling author, TV personality, multiple award-winning woman in business and much respected philanthropist Anne McKevitt has worked with royalty, U-S Presidents, Hollywood A-listers and moguls of the music industry.

But NOW her focus is on helping others become successful.

What advice would she give her younger self?

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Anne McKevitt, Game Changers, advice

Christina Gerakiteys and Lisa Andrews, SingularityU Australia CEOs

Powerhouse CEOs Christina and Lisa know that the world is in the midst of a major period of technological advancement. They’re not worried. They’re not focused on whether or not robots will take our jobs; instead, they’re looking more into how using exponential technologies can help tackle some of the world’s biggest issues.

They’re here to spread the message…to co-create a better world.

What advice would they give?

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Christina Gerakiteys, Lisa Andrews, Game Changers, Advice

Erin Sing and Michelle Palmer, Modern Currency Founders

For Michelle Palmer, Erin Sing and their team at Modern Currency, the mission is to innovate, influence and disrupt the communications industry.

Their mantra? ‘No Time To Be Dull!’

What advice do they have for their younger selves?

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Michelle Palmer, Erin Sing, Game Changers

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Edwina Bartholomew is an Australian journalist and television presenter. At Network Seven's breakfast show 'Sunrise', Edwina has covered everything from the Olympics, Royal Weddings to the Oscars. Now, as the host of Game Changers, she interviews inspirational people in business and entrepreneurs.

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