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Aussie Business Pioneers Reveal What Makes A Game Changer

They answer to many different monikers – disrupters, pioneers, and innovators, to name just a few.

But at The Carousel, we like to call them Game Changers, those who embody all those inspiring qualities, and so much more!

We’re now into our third series of our popular video and podcast series hosted by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris, which showcases these messiahs of their respective fields.

So, what do our newest inductees – Dana Sawyer, Jody Allen, Maria Halasz, Ian Marsh and app pioneers Chris Adams and Geoff Marshall – think are the traits that make a Game Changer?

“It’s someone who is willing to walk the untrod path,” says Jody Allen, who has grown a humble cost-cutting Facebook page into a thriving business called Stay at Home Mum.

Jody now has more than 512,000 Facebook fans and a series of books under her thrifty belt, including The $50 Weekly Shop.

“It’s someone who is willing to go where no one else will. Being a Game Changer means that you take calculated risks.”

CEO Maria Halasz certainly falls into that category after returning from Japan with an unproven product called Évolis.

It’s now considered a miracle cure for hair-loss, for both women and men, she reveals to Sarah Harris.

“A Game Changer is someone who makes you look at things completely differently,” says Maria. “You need to be confident about who you are and what you think.”

Dana Sawyer refused to believe that Australian seniors were getting the best aged care placement advice possible.

That’s why she linked with former nurse Jayne Maini to grow MyCarePath (formerly Millennium Aged Care) Consultants to turn the industry on its head, she tells Sarah Harris in her instalment of the latest series.

“A Game Changer is a person who has experienced, who has noticed or identified a problem, and with determination and desire they’ve been able to change the status quo,” shares Dana.

Humble sparky Ian Marsh backed himself when the chips were down, pulling himself back from the brink to head The Streetsmart Business School, Australia’s most successful program for creating millionaires.

“A Game Changer is somebody who doesn’t accept the status quo,” says Ian. “It’s someone who wants to have the reality that they want, not what someone else has predetermined for them.”

Written by Robyn Foyster

With over 30 years experience as a journalist and TV producer, Robyn Foyster is the owner and publisher of the lifestyle websites, and

Robyn was voted one of the 30 most powerful women in media at the 2015 B&T Women In Media Awards.

Previously, Robyn was the Publisher and Editor of Australia's three biggest flagship magazine brands - The Australian Women's Weekly, Woman's Day and New Idea.

Robyn won Editor of the Year at the 2007 Magazine of the Year Award and under her helm The Australian Women's Weekly won the inaugural 2008 Australian Magazine Award for Australia's best mass market magazine and New Idea won the MPA's coveted Magazine of the Year award.

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