Game Changers: Edwina Bartholomew Meets MDPC Global Founder Anne McKevitt

From high school drop-out to the founder of a leading business advisory company for high net worth clients and A-List Hollywood celebrities, Anne McKevitt is a true entrepreneur.

Her career has stretched far and wide, kicking off as a hairstylist before becoming a BBC TV presenter. She later ran a multi-million pound property development and construction business, and interior design business.

About Anne McKevitt

From an early age, Anne knew what she wanted. At the age of three, she made a conscious decision to become a vegeterian after realising her grandmother had served a chicken that she’d seen running around the garden. She refused to eat it.

Anne grew up in the far north of Scotland, in a remote rural environment where herself, her mother and brother were both physically and psychologically abused.

In her compelling Game Changers interview with Edwina Bartholomew, Anne poignantly shares for the first time how she and her family suffered from domestic violence. “If I could, I would’ve left at five years old,” revealed Anne. By age 15, she had saved 1000 pounds, dropped out of school and left for London without any qualifications to forge what has now become a globally successful career.

Resilience and the determination to succeed is what spurred her on because while she had strong conviction in herself, she also had both the energy and the drive to prove to herself and the world that she was more than capable of being a success.

Survival is a great driving force for ambition” said Anne McKevitt, Founder of MDPC Global

London was the perfect environment for Anne to explore her options and seize her opportunity. As an assistant to royal hairdresser John Freida, she suddenly found herself moving in a rarefied world of celebrities and royalty alike and would regularly visit Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace to style Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s hair, as well as Queen Noor of Jordan, Queen Anne Marie of Greece and Queen Sophia of Spain among many other Royal titled women dignitaries.

This opened many doors for Anne.

But it wasn’t all clear sailing. Anne was injured in a car accident which left her with severe injuries and thanks to friends and clients Paul and Linda McCartney, she was given the best treatment and financial support.

More recently, Anne has been an advisor for actress Gwyneth Paltrow on her multiple business ventures and, as an advocate of plant-based food, she has worked with Beyonce and JayZ on their vegan interests.

Natasha Chadwick
In her Game Changer interview, Natasha Chadwick explains how NewDirection Care provides care to its residents: “There are eight residents to each share house, and each house has a House Companion™ support worker who takes care of the caring, cleaning, cooking, medication and mental and physical support of the residents.”

Since moving to Australia, Anne has worked with fitness expert Michelle Bridges and fellow Game Changer and recent Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Natasha Chadwick, founder of New Direction Care. Anne worked closely with Natasha on what is a world’s first diagnosis-inclusive microtown residential community for the elderly and those living with younger onset dementia and complex care needs Another top tier client is Bill Zheng, who is launching the world’s first cognitive university cities which are each $30+ billion projects.

About MDPC Global 

Based in Sydney, MDPC Global assists in amplifying the commercial results of high-level clients’ companies and brands through strategic guidance and mentoring. MDPC Global has guided some of the most iconic A-list names in the world of film, sport, music, TV and books to essentially sharpen and monetise the bandwidth of their personality-led brands.

From concept, strategy, ideation, to the final product – MDPC Global help create brands and brand products and services that people want to own, consume, watch, read, play and engage with.

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