Game Changers: Edwina Bartholomew Sits Down With Michelle Palmer And Erin Sing Of Modern Currency

From a business-client relationship to business partners, Michelle Palmer and Erin Sing are at the forefront of Modern Currency, the PR agency that successfully bridges the “massive divide between client and agency” to ensure delivery of real, tangible results. 

Modern Currency currently works with some of the biggest clients in the world including Vinomofo, Supernova, and Synergie Skin just to name a few, as well as working with a variety of smaller business. 

The company mission is to innovate and influence – to disrupt, change and immerse themselves completely. And their view is that there is ‘No time to be dull.

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Modern Currency founders Erin Sing and Michelle Palmer. Photo credit: Cliff Kent

Interestingly, they both know what it is like to be influencers, with Michelle having had a global hit song with her group Slinkee Minx, and Erin, or rather her shar-pei dog, Griffin running an Instagram account with 16.2 k followers. As they say in their Game Changer interview with Sunrise Presenter Edwina Bartholomew, this has given them unique insights into the world of influencers from both sides. 

Before Modern Currency, Michelle Palmer successfully founded multiple businesses including a PR company, the brand/blogger introduction service,; and launched the first women’s ‘ezines’ in and Femail. Her co-founder and partner Erin Sing, who was originally of Michelle’s clients, wanted to start a business that encapsulated how she saw the communications industry; a business that she describes as “different, integrated and tangible”. So, when Michelle spoke to Erin about the possibility of starting their own company, they thought “you know what? Let’s just do it!”.

Michelle says the name Modern Currency comes from “looking at the way the world is changing on an ongoing basis” and recognising the many different types of currency that is constantly being created. 

What would usually require the assistance of multiple agencies, Modern Currency provides in one, everything from social media, graphic design, web design, events and branding.

We aren’t just PR or just Marketing; we do the whole kit and caboodle” says Erin Sing, Founder of Modern Currency

edwina barthomelow, Ering sing, Michelle Palmer, Game Changers
Edwina Bartholomew with Modern Currency founders Erin Sing and Michelle Palmer. Photo credit: Cliff Kent

Launched in 2017, Modern Currency has quickly grown and is expanding its business globally, with the recent announcement of a partnership in Singapore with COCO PR Communications and plans to expand in Los Angeles and launch in New Zealand, as well as in other parts of Asia and the US.

We’re constantly changing and this world is fast-moving; faster than it’s ever been, and that’s how we’re staying ahead of other people” said Michelle Palmer, Founder of Modern Currency

Fittingly, one of their mantra’s is “What now? What next?”.

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