Game Changers: Edwina Bartholomew Meets Christina Gerakiteys and Lisa Andrews, CEOs of SingularityU Australia

Is technology taking all of our jobs? Many people seem to think so, but not Christina Gerakiteys and Lisa Andrews. On the contrary, the only female CEO team at SingularityU Australia are looking at the bigger picture, one that involves using technology to help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Their optimism and passion for the issue stems from previous wake-up call experiences; from Christina’s rediscovery of her purpose and self during a leadership week, to Lisa’s own personal health adversities in the form of two kidney transplants; their experiences have transformed their way of thinking and certainly boosted their desire make a difference, because as Lisa said “life’s way too short”.

In a world that is currently experiencing a major transitional period, especially with the rapidly increasing advances in technology, it’s fair to say that many people still feel threatened by these technologies.

Sometimes technology in these conversations can be a little bit scary, so having an idea of what’s actually coming, what’s happening, and being a part of that conversation is really important” says Lisa Andrews, CEO of SingularityU Australia

The whole idea is to get thought-leaders from all over the world to spark that conversation and contribute ideas and solutions, because:

Technology is a resource for humans to use to create a better life” says Christina Gerakiteys, CEO of SingularityU Australia

In what Christina describes as the “marrying of technology and humanity”, the SingularityU community engages everyone from entrepreneurs, corporations, global non-profits, governments, and investors, to academic institutions in more than 127 countries. On this platform, they can collaborate to innovate solutions using accelerating technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital biology for areas such as health, environment, security, education, energy, food, prosperity, water, space, disaster resilience, shelter, and governance.

Recently, SingularityU hosted their summit at Sydney’s ICC, after having announced Australia as their 8th country partner, where they explored the latest in exponential technologies and showcased how these technologies are being used to disrupt industries and positively impact the world.

So what does the future hold?

It’s certainly an exciting time to be working on these potentially life-changing solutions, whether it be helping a paraplegic to maybe one day walk again, delivering medicine to outback areas, or working on exponential technologies that can self-detect diseases.

I’m very optimistic about a future where we actually care about each other enough to help each other and spur each other on. Very optimistic” adds Christina Gerakiteys

For more information visit the SingularityU Australia Summit 2020 website here

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